Love’s creation, Paradise Island
Elemental forces sculpt the art of trees
Beauty glides through the still waters effortlessly
Connected, my heart and soul
Grace, refreshing energy kissed with light
Solidarity in numbers
The sky has fallen back into the sea where he longs to be.
Thoughtfulness copy
Thoughtfulness reigns supreme

Fine Art-Photography-Halifax-Peggy's-Cove-Photography-Seascape-Photography-Judi-Risser-Photography


Move me

Smooth me

Mould me

Crush me

Squeeze me


Till there’s

Nothin’ left

I may cry

Out in anguish

Seethe and bleed


By God,

It’s what I need

To feel only

The gentle sway

Of Your truth


To believe that

You are all

That I need

To finally be

At peace




Photographic Locations,

Various bodies of water in and on the coast of Nova Scotia, 2017

©Judi Risser


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Autumn Paradise

River of Dreams 1 Signed
River of Dreams 2/3
River of Dreams 2 Signed
River of Dreams 1/3
River of Dreams 3 SIgned
River of Dreams 3/3
Autumn in Cape Breton 1 Signed
Autumn in the Highlands
A Sea of Color Signed
Sea of Colour


This site is primarily for my B&W photography.

But, I just couldn’t help myself…

Beauty is meant to be shared and rules were meant to be broken.


Photographic Location- Cape Breton Highlands

Nova Scotia, October 2017


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©Judi Risser