The Sea


Look at me

I am the sea

Deep, unfathomable

A world unto myself

Once full of life

Now, almost empty

I cry tears you cannot see

I am forever changed

Beyond a shadow of a doubt

Many completely wiped out

Cry for me

For, I cry tears you cannot see

Know this, my pain is real

When all the life is gone

Changes won’t be visible

It won’t seem like a big deal

I mourn these lives 

Within my depths

My own loves lost

Each and every one


Against the abuse

Look at me

I am the sea

Never again

Shall you know me

As… I used to be.



A  heart wrenching emotional wave washed over me, months ago while at the waters’ edge and spilled into this poem.  But, more importantly, this is happening in our own waters surrounding Nova Scotia:

Whale washes up on Nova Scotia beach near area where other species found dead

Please, pray for our seas and for all those who abuse them to wake up.


Photographic Locations,

Nova Scotia, 2017

©Judi Risser