About Me


I do a fair amount of traveling.  While soul searching in Africa, I discovered that it wasn’t my soul I was searching. I realized that I or, more aptly my soul, was being called out… to bear witness, to feel, to love, to admire. Thereby, nourishing itself, me, with spiritual food. Any encounter with nature is an opportunity for soul nourishment.

My vision, or artistry, is born from a deep sense of gratitude. I strive to be an accurate and artistic conduit, sharing my appreciation for God’s exquisite creations. My intention is to reveal the clarity, vulnerability, wisdom and beauty I experience in nature, through my art.

I hope you enjoy my online gallery.

If you fall in love with anything here or at any of the exhibit locations, please contact me.

I care about our planet, the earth and all creatures, and the elements, it supports.  If you love what you see here, you share my love of nature. We are kindred spirits… Souls seeking nourishment.

For me, it is vitally important to give back.  I suspect it is with you, as well. With each print ordered or framed piece bought locally, a donation of 25% of the purchase price will be made in your honour to the World Wildlife Fund at WWF.ca


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Judi Risser